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E&G Home Solutions offers services of Tree Removal, Shrub Trimming, Junk Hauling & Removal, Garden Maintenance, Fence, Retaining Wall, Yard Clean, Tree Trimming, Retaining Wall, Tree Pruning, Mulching, Stump Grinding, Concrete works in Alameda CA, Contra Costa County, Santa Clara CA, San Mateo CA, Solano County, Napa CA, Marin County, Sonoma CA, San Francisco CA -Transforming landscapes, one tree at a time

Clean Up Services

Efficient and thorough clean-up services leave your space spotless. Trust E&G Home Solutions for a pristine and tidy environment.

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Junk Hauling & Removal

Is your property burdened with unwanted junk and debris? Don’t stress. Let E&G Home Solutions take care of your junk hauling and removal. Our dedicated team will efficiently clear out the clutter, whether it’s old furniture, broken appliances, or construction debris. With our reliable and eco-friendly services, you can trust us to dispose of your junk responsibly. Reclaim your space and enjoy a clean, clutter-free environment with our professional junk hauling and removal solutions.

Yard Clean

Transform your yard into a pristine oasis with our comprehensive yard clean services. At E&G Home Solutions, we specialize in rejuvenating outdoor spaces by removing debris, trimming overgrown foliage, and tidying up the landscape. Our skilled team will ensure every corner of your yard is spotless, from clearing leaves and branches to mowing the lawn and edging. With our attention to detail and commitment to excellence, we’ll create a beautiful and inviting outdoor environment for you. Say goodbye to a messy yard and hello to a picture-perfect landscape with our top-notch yard cleaning services.